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Antiseep particle

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The bentonite is a natural inorganic minerals materials. It is a natural clay which is of high water absorption and expansibility. As soon as it combines with the water, its volume expands immediately and generates gel membrane layer which is just -8 power of 10 to -9 power of 10 cm/s.

The bentonite is used widely as antiseep materials. It may produce the felt, carpet, plate, strip etc various kinds of bentonite products

It use mainly in landfill, stadium, metro, tunnel reservoir dam etc

Environmental engineering. it is ideal waterproof materials.

Our company produces Impermeable particle bentonite which is based on the production standard of Ministry of construction is of higher in expansion index and anti-aging strength and lower in filter loss, fast in water absorption speed,high in water absorption.

Various kinds of bentonite products of the felt, carpet, plate, strip may self-repair when the sharp materials run through and reaches the function of antiseep.

blueabsorption power
Anti aging degree Filterlosequantity
( ml )
Granular Rate


≥30 ≥24 ≥20 ≤ 15 0.2-2mm 8-9.5 ≤12
Above specification is just for your reference and we may produce the materials based on customers’ requirements