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Paper with the modified bentonite additive

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Summary of benefits and advantages of modified bentonite specially used in paper making industry
A: To be suitable for paper with various PH value and be more efficient.
B: To significantly enhance the property of retention and filtration and improve paper formation.
C. The improvement in the property of water filtration in the filtering net can save the quantity of steam or speed up paper machines.
D: The purification of the white water system can decrease the frequency of net washing, save the consumption quantity of net and improve the integrated performance of paper machines
E: To reduce chemical and biological oxygen consumption of the white water and lessen the load of sewage emission

Such indexes as whiteness, PH value, viscosity, particle size and volume dilation can be improved in accordance with your specific production requirements.

Type whiteness Expanded ratio Granularity Viscosity Moisture(%) PH blueabsorption power
BT-301 75-80 18-25 325目(100%) 〉24 〈10% 9-11 30-33
BT-302 65-70 18-25 325目(100%) 〉24 〈10% 9-11 30-33
BT-303 60-65 18-25 325目(100%) 〉10 〈10% 9-11 30-33
BT-304 70   325目(100%)   〈2% 6-8 30-33

Note: BT-301 for bond paper. BT-302 for newsprint, BT-303 for sewage treatment and other commonly used indicators are available. Our company also can produce and process according to indicators required by client.